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Halya and Justin's Firehouse Engagement Session https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/12/halya-and-justins-fire-house-engagement  

She's a nurse, he's a firefighter. Does it get any better then that?? Justin and Halya's firehouse engagement session was amazing! I could have shot these two all day long!


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Kirsten and Nick https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/kristen-and-nick I think is a pretty well known fact, that Mexican food gets better the closer you get to the border. So when Kristen and Nick asked if I would travel to Mexico to shoot their wedding at the amazing  CuatroCuatros Winery in Ensenada, I was all in! I mean, a fantastic couple, a epic road trip, authentic Mexican food and a gorgeous location, what more could a wedding photographer ask for?? Man, I love my job!!






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Andy and Alex https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/andy-and-alex I got to hang out with Andy and Alex recently in Idyllwild for their engagement shoot.  These two are such amazing down to earth people who truly enjoy spending time together in nature and it really came though in their images. Within just a few minutes this shoot just felt like being out on a hike with great friends. Thanks for letting me and my camera tag along guys!

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Rachele at the Salton Sea https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/rachele-at-the-salton-sea2 Lately I’ve come down with a bad case of wanderlust. Recently, the desire to just grab my camera and jump in my car had become pretty overwhelming, so I called up two other photographers and shared this idea I had about shooting at the Salton Sea.  At first, they thought I was a little nuts, since the Salton Sea is basically an abandoned resort town, but I told them to trust me.  I had a vision!!

Well unfortunately our model for the day fell through, so I convinced one of my fellow photographers to step in front of the lens for a change.  Instead of shooting, Rachele got to try her hand at modeling for the day.  When we arrived on location she was still a little confused (after all, why we would purposely leave beautiful San Diego for a place that smelled as bad as the Salton Sea?)  Relax!  I have a vision!  

Luckily, Rachele told me she trusted my vision.  She then also made sure to inform me that she had told a number of people where exactly where she was going and with whom, just in case.  Trust and vision only get you so far, ha ha.

Rachele’s trust paid off and we got some amazing images!  The Salton Sea isn't a traditional setting for portraits, but it does have an eery beauty all its own.  Even though we all need to get a tetanus shot now, it was totally worth it!

Many of the buildings around the Salton Sea have been abandoned for many years.  Vandals, weather, and time have taken their toll.




The​ Sea itself has a quiet, serene beauty.  The salinity of the water has caused many of the fish to die, which leaves the smell in the air a bit, well, pungent.

The Salton Sea doesn't have a beach, per se.  The sand is formed by the ground up bones of the fish that wash on shore.  People don't visit the area very often and you can really feel the sense of solitude.


I love the color given off by the night sky in the desert.​


If you have never been to the Salton Sea before, it's definitely something else.  Completely unlike anywhere I've ever been before.  Many thanks to my second shooter, Rachele, for having faith in my vision and following me all over the Salton Basin with a sprained ankle in high heels!

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Danielle and Greg's Notebook Engagement https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/rachele-at-the-salton-sea When you're about to get married the only thing better then being best friends with a photographer is being best friends with a photographer's spouse! So when one of my wife's best friends wanted a unique engagement session, we went all out.  As a matter of fact we shot two sessions! Like the old saying goes " happy wife, Happy life". This one was inspired by the movie "The Notebook." Danielle and Greg are one of my favorite couples, these two are beautiful, funny and fearless!

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Halya and Justin's Paradise Falls Garden Wedding https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/halya-and-justin  

We had a close call when the wild fires tore through North County San Diego earlier this year. We came very close to losing our home, much closer then I care to think about. Thankfully, due to the incredible bravery and hard work of Firefighters like Justin, our house was saved! I was SO excited to shoot the Paradise Falls Garden wedding of Justin and Halya, (a firefighter and a nurse, how awesome is that??)  I am so appreciative of the work first responders do to keep us all safe, so it was extra special to me to be able to document their wedding day.  This couple work so hard serving our community everyday.  I'm honored to share these gorgeous images from their wedding.

First, check out the bride's amazing dress!


This sparkler complemented Halya's gown absolutely perfectly!

The Paradise Falls Garden is a beautiful outdoor venue in Oceanside, CA.  Justin and Halya's reception took place on one of the garden lawns, under strings of twinkle lights and surrounded by trees.

The blushing bride prepares for her big day!

Halya's team of bridesmaids were amazing!  These girls were ready with everything from Champagne to safety pins!  They had the wedding day emergency kit covered.

Halya did not want Justin to see her before the ceremony, but they did share this quiet moment together just outside the bridal dressing suite.

Halya couldn't help but steal a glance at her husband-to-be!

Their ceremony was held in front of a lily pond and officiated by one of our favorite officiants, Reverend Christopher Tuttle of Vows from the Heart Ministries. He always performs such a lovely, heart-felt ceremony!  He's truly one of the best!

Justin got a little choked up during his vows.

Finally, the kiss!

The new Mr. & Mrs. walk triumphantly down the aisle! 

The grounds at Paradise Falls Garden are absolutely stunning, which made it almost too easy to get an amazing shot like this... 

...or this...

...and let's definitely not forget this:

Halya, you make my job look easy.

Congrats to the newlyweds!!  It was such a privilege to get to photography your day.  May you enjoy many years of love and happiness.  You deserve them!


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Lianne and Teddy's Mount Woodson Castle Wedding https://mlawrencephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/lianne-and-teddys-mount-woodson-castle-wedding Aside from Will and Kate, how many people are lucky enough to celebrate their wedding day in an actual castle?!? 

Well last Saturday, Lianne and Teddy channeled their inner "royal" and tied the knot at the most beautiful castle I have ever been to!  (Ok, full disclosure, it's the only castle I have ever been to, but I promise, it was still pretty epic!!)  Their fairytale nuptials took place at San Diego County's very own Mt. Woodson Castle in beautiful, rustic, Ramona, California.  The historic castle was built in 1921 as a private residence and today, this multi-level, twenty-seven room 12,000 square foot estate serves as one of San Diego County's most unique wedding venues. It was the perfect setting for Lianne and Teddy to say their "I do's!" 

​Lianne got dressed in Mt. Woodson's bridal suite, with the help of her bridesmaids!  These girls definitely had some fun before it was time for Lianne to head down the aisle.

In the meantime, Teddy and his groomsmen were cleaning up alright themselves! 

Check out this tie knot!

A quick look at the ceremony location before the guests arrived... 

​Lianne and Teddy did not opt for a First Look, but they did want to share a special moment before the ceremony, so Teddy made a quick visit to the bridal room to tell his beautiful bride how much he was looking forward to seeing her at the other end of the aisle! 

After the ceremony, the wedding party cheered them on from inside the castle, while Teddy gave his new wife a kiss worthy of a princess! 

The only thing better than getting to shoot at Mt. Woodson was getting to do it with a couple as fun as these two!

During the first dance it was pretty clear that Lianne had found her Prince!


...and they lived happily ever after!

Thank you, Lianne and Teddy, for allowing us to be part of your amazing wedding day!

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